Koncertek Koncertek [eng]

Hungarian Recital


ELTE Faculty Of Law, Aula Magna 2021-09-29 szerda 19:30

Hungarian Recital

Kodály: Transylvanian Lament
Ligeti: Pápainé
Bartók: Hungarian Folk Songs
Bartók: Two Romanian Folk Songs
Kodály: Mátra Pictures
Bartók: Slovak Folk Songs
Kodály: Evening Song
Conductor: Zoltán Pad
Hungarian Radio Choir

Zoltán Kodály regarded folk music researcher Bartók’s multifaceted, passionate interest in the music of distant regions lying far from the folk music of Hungarian and neighbouring peoples to be a sign of his eternal curiosity. Perhaps it was Kodály’s words that echoed in the memory of György Ligeti when he mentioned the composer’s versatility, that he was “constantly seeking the unknown”, as one of the wellsprings of his admiration for Bartók. “He was eternally curious in the best sense of the word.” This Hungarian Radio Choir recital features folk song arrangements – including pieces based on outlaw, highwaymen and marching melodies – by the three composers, Bartók, Kodály and Ligeti, thereby providing eloquent testimony of the many ways in which anonymous songsmiths of the people are capable of stimulating the intuition, interest and curiosity of composers.

Tickets: HUF 2000 (student and senior discount -20%)